Costa Rican Lizard Stowaways In Banana Shipment

This tiny lizard was found in West Yorkshire after traveling 9,600 kilometers from Costa Rica - in a bunch of bananas


A tiny lizard is recovering after journeying around 9,600 kilometers (6,000 miles) from Costa Rica to West Yorkshire in a bunch of bananas.

The tiny lizard known as an anole

The one-inch-long animal – known as an anole – was found in an unnamed warehouse in West Yorkshire – dehydrated and underweight after the big trip.

It is now recovering at the Reptilia Rescue Centre at Ossett and, once it has recovered, will be up for adoption.


A spokesman for the center said: “We are going to look after it and put it up for adoption.

“It’s traveled around 6,000 miles on a shipment. They are pretty hardy creatures and it probably found some fruit flies to eat. It’s quite common for these animals to appear in shipments or to be brought back in people’s suitcases.”

Source: The Examiner UK