Air safety for pilots and crew members, job stability and suspensions of national routes are part of a list of concerns outsourced by the Asociación Costarricense de Pilotos Aviadores (ACPA) – Costa Rican Association of Aviator Pilots – to the Government.

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The union is going through an alleged deterioration in its working conditions, as expressed in a statement sent by ACPA.

The massive layoffs of national aeronautical personnel, the hiring and turning over of routes to foreign pilots, and possible irregularities in the closure of routes, are other consternations.

The Association insists that it is essential for air safety that the crew be free from harassment, economic or social problems.

In addition, they request an investigation of the possible irregularities committed in the procedure applied for the cancellation or temporary suspension of routes that at the time were concessioned to Costa Rican Airlines – Lacsa- today Avianca Costa Rica.

“We also need an investigation of the mass dismissal of pilots and employees in general, as well as the possible hiring of foreign pilots for some similar business model,” adds ACPA in the statement.

The annoyance of the aviators comes from the fact that Avianca Costa Rica apparently has not announced in advance the closure, cancellation or temporary suspension of routes due to financial problems or any other cause.

“We must enforce our rights as workers, the commitment to work together with the related authorities is presented through this letter, we want to help our country with a responsible position and dignify aviation in all its parts,” the statement concludes.