Costa Rican Politicians Waste Almost $3B A Year According IDB


The report of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) “Mejor gasto para mejores vidas” (Better spending for better lives) published in 2018 estimates that in Costa Rica, 4.7% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) that for that year –  almost US$3 billion dollars – is wasted., an initiative of Costa Rican citizens who work to change Costa Rica for a freer, more economically prosperous and more developed country, says Costa Rica is one of the most corrupt countries in Latin America and one of the worst in the management of public money.

Source BID

Cambiemos states that the US$3 billion is stolen: US$1.116 billion by politicians together with corrupt businessmen who do business with the State in matters of public works, through overspending or ruinous projects and contracts for the country; US$486 million dollars in purchases of goods and services in the public sector; And US$1,155 billion in salaries of public employees (including the political class).


That is to say, from each inhabitant of Costa Rica, the State steals from them, on average, US$571 dollars.

Cambiemos says, it is things like this that the ruling political class squeezes the private sector more and more with new taxes such as Value Added Tax (VAT)  – IVA in Spanish – as more and more money is required to maintain the level of theft.

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The group says Costa Ricans should be outraged. If so, they invite you to join Cambiemos to stop once and for all with this dirt.

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