Friday 31 March 2023

Daniel Ortega proposes that all countries have their “atomic weapon”

Ortega made that statement when referring to the 2015 nuclear pact between the United States and Iran.

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Q24N (EFE) The president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, stated last Thursday, February 2, 2023, that all the countries of the world should look for how to have their “atomic weapon” so that the powers respect other nations.

The president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega

“In this world, what would fit (is) that all (countries) look for how to have our atomic weapon so that they respect us, because there they do respect when they know that that (country) they want to crush has the atomic weapon,” Ortega launched. during a meeting in Managua with the Iranian Foreign Minister, Hosein Amir Abdolahian, broadcast on Nicaraguan television.

Ortega made this approach when referring to the 2015 nuclear pact between the United States and Iran, of which Washington recently said that reviving it “is no longer part of the agenda” and accused Tehran of having “killed” the opportunity to close an agreement in this regard. .

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The nuclear pact, by which Iran promised to renounce the development of nuclear weapons, has been on hold since former US President Donald Trump (2017-2021) withdrew the US from the agreement, after which the Islamic republic began to enrich uranium above permitted levels.

The current president of the United States, Joe Biden, promised during his campaign to revive the agreement, and his Administration until now maintained the position that a return to the nuclear pact was the best option for the interests of the country.

The European Union (EU) presented a final text last August to revive the pact, which was supported by Washington, but Iran rejected it in September and made it a condition that the UN close an investigation into the discovery of traces of undeclared uranium.


“We understand very well the struggle that you (Iran) have been waging when you first start with an imposition by the imperialists. They can build atomic bombs and no one else,” criticized the Sandinista president.

Ortega maintained that he is not a lover of atomic bombs, but questioned the authority of the United States to ask Iran or North Korea not to manufacture nuclear weapons, when they have been “the only criminals in the history of humanity that have launched atomic bombs, where they annihilated at once more than 250,000 citizens in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

According to Ortega, Iran has joined “efforts in the development of atomic energy for peaceful purposes, but they (the US) do not have the right to dictate who has atomic bombs and who does not have atomic bombs in the world.”

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Ortega warned Iran that when the US and Western countries talk about dialogue or negotiation, “the imperialists of the earth have poison in their negotiation proposals, they come poisoned to destroy and end the rights of the peoples.”

The Iranian Foreign Minister began his tour on Wednesday in Mauritania, in West Africa, continued in Nicaragua and will continue in Venezuela.

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