Dating app says stay at home tough on the unfaithful


“Both men and women having work-from-home jobs are more likely to cheat,” says Gleeden the extra-marital dating site

With the social distancing, many relationships that were just starting had to be put on pause, like the unfaithful.

Since most people cannot leave their home, communication with lovers becomes a challenge, so potential get-togethers, how short they may be, are pure gold for unfaithful husbands and wives (and boyfriends and girlfriends).

According to Gleeden, the first discreet (extra-marital) dating site made by women, revealed that its users are more active than ever in terms of virtual cheating, 160% more connections and new users than usual were registered from the first week of stay at home.

Gleeden says that its more than 6.5 million users worldwide (most in France) spend more time on the social network, which makes it easier for them to be unfaithful. The average connection time also increased from 2 hours to three.

But of course, the unfaithful have also shown more fear when using the platform, since their connections are shorter (although more frequent) and the panic button that is used to hide everything from a possible discovery, is used now more than ever, just like the “shake to exit” function.

The survey also revealed that users are concerned about what could happen to their marriages during the stay at home, as they believe that the problems could increase due to the change in the way they live together.

However, they admitted that being with their partner on a daily basis does not prevent them from maintaining communication with their lovers, since 67% miss their lover during stay at home.

These are the most used moments to send messages, sextext or call lovers:

  • Walking the dog
  • Grocery store visit
  • Any quick outing
  • 70% write from their room at home
  • 30% from the bathroom
  • Typical contact with a lover is at night or at wake up time

Gleeden’s features as a discreet dating app seem designed for a stay at home fling. The platform is available for desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. With the ‘Discreet Icon’ option, you can replace the official app icon of an apple with a more anonymous design so it blends in with other apps on the screen.

You can upload sensitive photos to a private album, to which you can grant or revoke access to other members. Sense someone’s about to come in? Press ESC on your keyboard to immediately disconnect from Gleeden and redirect to a website of your choice. Or just shake your phone to exit pronto.

Either way, don’t say we recommended that you try this at home.

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