Driver Crashes Ferrari On The Ruta 1 (Photos)

No personal injuries were reported, but the Ferrari was totalled


A crash between a Ferrari and minivan congested traffic on the Bernardo Soto (Ruta 1) in the area of the Dos Pinos plant, near the Coyol intersection.

For reasons still unknown the driver of the Ferrari lost control. The 2013 Italian sports car, with a value of ¢154.340.000 colones, got the worst part of the deal. The vehicle is registered to a corporation and has a fiscal (tax) value of ¢102.200.000 colones.

According to witnesses who spoke to the website Accidentes de Costa Rica, and Teletica television news, apparently the owner, whose identity was not made public, came out of a used vehicle dealesrhip with the car.


Fortunately, despite the extent of the material damage, no injuries were reported by the Policia de Transito. The collision occurred a 3:35 p.m. Thursday, causing tremendous congestion to westbound traffic.