Elev8, a learning center for training leaders, executives and Information Technology (IT) experts, chose Costa Rica as the headquarters for the start of its global operations.

“We are not afraid to choose a small country like Costa Rica as a starting point, because we know about the potential there is,” said María Balbás, global director of elev8.

“We think that Costa Rica is a very important technological hub with a talent base with a lot of potential,” said María Balbás, global director of elev8, told La Republica.

YNV Holdings (a global provider of IT, BPO, real estate, infrastructure and customer support services around the world), that owns the company invested about US$4.5 million in the development of Elev8, which will have 50 teachers in the country, focusing on developing skills for the digital transformation of businesses, through cutting-edge technologies.

“The idea is that Costa Rica will serve as an anchor for the company’s expansion to other continents,” Balbás said in explaining that they decided to open in Costa Rica due to the number of technology-based companies that are here and the development of the technological cluster.

“We believe that eleve8 can cover a very important area to support the business fabric towards digital transformation and the attraction of technology companies, with a partner of the highest level collaborating in the formation of really trained talent,” Balbás told El Financiero.

Jorge Sequeira, director of the Costa Rican Coalition of Development Initiatives (Cinde), mentioned that the transformation of value chains and foreign direct investment are being impacted by the fourth industrial revolution.

“In order for companies to respond correctly to these changes, it is necessary to have the educational tools that provide updated knowledge to their work teams. We are pleased that elev8 is in Costa Rica, which will undoubtedly contribute to better insertion into the new learning economy,” said Sequeira.

Elev8 has presence only in Costa Rica, but they plan to expand their coverage to Africa, Asia, the United States and Europe in 2020.

Its classrooms in Costa Rica are in Escazú Village.