Looking to boost employment opportunities at home, Presiden Carlos Alvarado is in the United States this week meeting with the main technology corporations of the world such as Amazon, Cisco, Pop, Microsoft, HP, Intel, and Google.

President Carlos will also have meetings at Stanford University, at Nasa Ames and at the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution sponsored by the World Economic Forum.

“The priority is economic reactivation,” the president said Sunday before his trip to Seattle, Silicon Valley, and San Francisco, between March 10 and 15.

“Our main challenge is to provide links to generate more and better employment opportunities throughout the country, especially in the most vulnerable areas, encouraging investment to establish industrial, productive and service centers that enhance the advantages of different regions,” said Alvarado.

“We begin our tour of Seattle and California to show that we are a capable people and prepared people, who work and give confidence to the investment,” Tweeted the President.

Accompanying President Carlos are the Foreign Trade Minister, Dyalá Jiménez Figueres; the Minister of Science, Technology and Telecommunications, Luis Adrián Salazar Solís; the director of Investment of COMEX, Gabriela Castro Mora; and the general manager of CINDE, Jorge Sequeira Picado, among others.

The visit seeks to promote the advantages offered by Costa Rica to be considered a key location for leading multinational companies in the sectors of digital technologies, corporate services, and technological manufacturing, which will generate quality jobs, knowledge transfer, linkages and transformation of the economy.