Subwing is a new water sport that entirely reinvents the way we experience the ocean underwater. Feel the sensation of underwater flight with virtually full freedom of movement.

Glide through the water like a dolphin, do thrilling spins and turns, or just relax on the surface.
Why swim when you can fly. Underwater.

The beaches and oceans of Costa Rica are perfect for Subwing, if you own a hotel or tourism related business, Subwing might just be the extra edge you need to stand out to customers.

Click here to go to QTV and watch a video of Subwing in action.


How It Works
The Subwing consists of two separate wings connected in a rotatable swivel. By grabbing the grip on each wing, it can easily be controlled in all directions. Maneuvering is done by tilting the wings in different angels. Tilt both wings downwards to dive, and upwards to resurface. If attempting a roll, simply tilt the wings in opposite directions.

Controlling the Subwing is easy to learn and comes naturally to many first timers. For more experienced Subwing users, a single hand grip is mounted between the wings at the behind. This is designed to be used when equalizing ear pressure and one hand is needed.

Towing Speed
Water is about 800 times denser than air, therefore high speeds are not necessary to achieve a thrilling sensation under water. We recommend a towing speed around 2-4 knots. This speed is easily achievable by a small boat with an insignificant motor, and is plenty to perform impressive acrobatic maneuvers under water.