Guatemala Responds After President Attacks Anti-Corruption Protests (Photos)


Guatemalans took to the streets Friday to protest president Jimmy Morales’ announcement that the government would not renew the work visas of the members of the International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG), just days after Congress announced they would move forward with a corruption investigation against him.

After the announcement hundreds of Guatemalans, gathered to protest, chanting “Morales, to court!” and “No, Ivan (head of the CICIG) will not go.” Photo:Reuters
Morales’ supporters also mobilized to support the president’s decision. They argue the CICIG acts politically against the government. Photo:Reuters
Human rights groups and political parties condemned the president’s use of the military for his announcement. Photo:Reuters
Shortly after, activists warned that military cars were riding around the CICIG’s offices. Photo:EFE
Others gathered in Congress to protest against Morales and demand Congress lifts his immunity so he can be investigated for illicit campaign funds. Photo:EFE
Another protest is being organized for Saturday. Guatemalans are now demanding Morales to step down. Photo:EFE
“The clown’s puppets.” A protester carries a sign criticizing the Minister of the Interior Enrique Degenhart and Foreign Affairs Minister Sandra Jovel. Photo:EFE
Morales has tried to stop investigations against him and expel the CICIG from Guatemala before. Photo:EFE