Hombre de Fé, The Story of Keylor Navas

"It's a bit strange to see your life on the screen....


In Costa Rica for the holidays and the opening the movie “Hombre de Fé”, the story of his life, Keylor Navas was guest at the bullfights of the bulls at the Zapote Fair on Wednesday night.

Keylor Navas (left) posing with the two faces that represent him in the film: the boy Juan José Coste and the Colombian Matt Márquez. Photo: courtesy of Esteban Chinchilla.

The Tico goalkeeper got more than one scare in the bullfights. Between the applause of his followers, the photos, the shouts from the public Keylor had to endure the grips of wife Andrea every time the bull lifted in the air an amateur bullfighter, “improvisado” in Spanish.

“It’s a bit strange to see your life on the screen, there are mixed feelings, very nice moments and a great illusion”, Keylor Navas.

Keylor was the guest of honor Wednesday night, invited to the traditional “corridas” (run of the bulls) and who, with his family, took front row with the bulls up close and personal.


Today, Thursday, December 28, the film on the life Keylor Navas’ rise to fame in the ‘cancha’ (soccer field) opens in cinemas across the country.

Tuesday night, December 26, the movie was prescreened to a group of some 4,000 invited guests.

At the Centro de Eventos Pedregal, Keylor Navas was present a the prescreened of” Hombre de Fe”

Hombre de Fé (Man of Faith) is about a child (Keylor) from Perez Zeledon, a rural area of Costa Rica, who finds fubtol (soccer) his passion and a way to a better life. On his way to achieve his sporting and professional goals, and to help his family, he faces an unknown city and challenges that will test his character, but that will make him discover the true strength behind his dreams.

The movie began shooting in May 2017 and lasted 64 days of production, 54 in Costa Rican 5 in Spain. The film, directed by Costa Rican Dinga Haines, had a budget of US$1.3 million dollars.

The film is showing at Cinepolis, and Cinemark.