Sunday 26 September 2021

How Covid-19 Has Changed The Fashion Industry

Paying the bills


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Paying the bills


The year is almost coming to an end, and it is that season that is mostly known to be the busiest for fashion designers. This is the time when shoppers are willing to go the extra mile and buy the apparels they have always desired all year round.

2020 has been somehow different since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the global airwaves. There have been major shifts in consumer behavior, not forgetting that manufacturers, retailers, and other suppliers have been forced to readjust. The fashion industry has readjusted in the following ways:

Shift to eCommerce

The fashion industry is one of the areas where potential customers want to touch and feel before making a purchase decision. Consumers are thus used to in-person shopping where they can try out different outfits and take those that fit them perfectly. Covid-19 has forced people to reduce their trips to fashion houses as they are somehow crowded. The same people still have to wear clothes and look good, which explains why online shopping is becoming the norm.

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Fashion designers who used to operate a brick and motor types of businesses have been forced to change their ways. Different vendors have been forced to become creative in how they attract shoppers to their online stores. A good example is those who have started offering free branded face masks while others are offering free or discounted shipping to their customers. Virtual dressing rooms have also been made available by some of these vendors.

Custom designs are taking over

The biggest challenge when it comes to online fashion shopping is getting something that fits. Some international markets, such as the US, the UK, and Asia, have different labeling clothes standards. The fashion designers understand this challenge and that is why there are platforms where they can have hang tag custom made to display their ways. The potential customers can thus view all the details and make informed decisions.

This is the year that most people have realized that they have to be conscious of their spending habits. It thus means that people are now purchasing products that they need. There is no space for purchasing a fashion item that you will never use or rarely use. Fashion designers are thus taking custom measurements to ensure that their customers purchase products that fit them perfectly. Such designers are even designing avatars that can take measurements without the target customers visiting the shops physically.

Adjust to meet Covid-19 dressing code

It is mandatory in some people countries for people to wear a facemask while in public. These facemasks come in different designs and are made from different materials. However, people still need to look good irrespective of the type of outfits they are wearing. Gone are the days when you had to take any protective equipment that comes your way as there are tons to choose from.

Waist-up apparel has seen increased demand during the pandemic. We are seeing a trend where people want to match their tops and facemasks that they wear. Fashion houses are also producing headscarves and scarfs that match with masks and other protective gears. Gloves are also other protective gears that some people wear during this pandemic. We are also seeing fashion gloves which designers are trying to match with the current trends.

Financing options have been expanded

What happens when you go to a fashion house and decide to buy a certain piece of fashion? You will most likely use your card or pay in cash for the purchase. However, this virus that is spread through close contact is changing how people transact in modern times.

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This world is filled with scammers, and people are now consumers looking for safe and convenient ways to make purchases. We now have options such as buy now and pay later from platforms such as PayPal that are cushioning people from reduced cash flows. Such customers can still book fashion products in the middle of a pandemic as the fashion world is very dynamic. The retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers in the fashion industry have also been forced to introduce different payment options that can process payments within a short period.

Combining social responsibility and marketing

The pandemic has proved to people that many things are not guaranteed in this world. You can wake up rich today and be poor tomorrow. You can also be healthy today, but the next day you are using a ventilator. Fashion designers have learned the need to take care of society and educate the general public on leading a healthy life.

We now see fashion designers who have even tweaked their statements and mottos to teach people about the need to make the world a better place. Most of the emails you will receive in modern times will always remind you to keep safe during this pandemic. This is when fashion designers are educating people on the fabrics and different materials that can hold longer to viruses and how they can keep safe while at home and out in public.

Ethical businesses are winning

The fashion industry has been responsible for some of the ills, such as environmental degradation. The pandemic has opened the 3rd eye for most people, and they now want to transact with those who care to make the world a better place. A simple gesture like making a sewing label that is environmentally friendly is all that potential customers are looking forward to in modern times.

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Businesses in the fashion sector are also investing in their employees through competitive packages and making the workplace better. Such businesses now understand that creating a conducive environment for their workers will translate to improved productivity and customer handling.

Above are just some of the changes that have been experienced in the fashion industry during the pandemic. Some of these changes will still be upheld even after the pandemic is gone. Those businesses that fail to accommodate some of these changes may be faced out sooner or later.


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Paying the bills
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