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How to get the most out of the game on your smartphone?

We'll tell you how to turn your cell phone into a gaming device as good as a console and a personal computer.

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Video games have long ceased to be the domain of exclusively high-end computers and modern game consoles. Instead, more and more gamers prefer to use mobile devices – smartphones and tablets – for interactive entertainment. But unlike those consoles, they were not initially designed for this purpose. So it is not always convenient to play on a smartphone without a suitable peripheral.

Today we’ll tell you how to turn your cell phone into an actual gaming station with just a few accessories! With our list of valuable things for mobile gaming, even play teen patti online will become an even more exciting experience.

We’re going to tell you:

  • Are all smartphones good for gaming? What features are essential?
  • How to turn even an ordinary smartphone into a game with the help of accessories?

Are all smartphones suitable for gaming? What features are essential?

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Unfortunately, not every smartphone is ready to run modern mobile games steadily. The owners of devices from Apple are the easiest – the last three generations of iPhones are ready for high-class mobile gaming. But Android smartphones are so diverse that we have to look at individual characteristics. The processor’s performance and the amount of RAM are two critical indicators for games. The first is responsible for the number of operations the smartphone can perform per second, and the second – is for the array of processed data.

If you glance at the system requirements of modern mobile games, you can conclude that 4 GB of RAM today – is the minimum required for comfortable gaming. Even the most affordable 3D games designed for the mass consumer, such as Fortnite, require so much. Therefore, to provide your device with a margin of safety, it is better to look for a machine with 6-8 GB of RAM.

The processor’s minimum allowable clock speed for modern games is about 2 GHz. But focusing solely on this parameter is not worth it. The internal architecture of the chip and the number of cores are just as important. For our task, the latest generations of processors from the MediaTek Helio, Qualcomm Snapdragon, or even slightly outdated Samsung Exynos lines will do. The more modern the chipset, the better, of course.

How to turn even an ordinary smartphone into a game with accessories

Leveling out the structural and functional inconveniences of smartphones as a platform for gaming will help suitable accessories. Consider the most important of them.

Game holder for your smartphone

Bring your smartphone closer in form factor to more standard gamepads for gamers will help a suitable holder. Thanks to its ergonomic shape, it is comfortable to hold in your hands, and a spring-loaded mount securely holds your smartphone in a horizontal position and allows the use of gadgets up to 170 mm in length. Moreover – the holder also serves as an additional battery, from which it is easy to pump a charge to your smartphone by wired or wireless. Such an accessory ensures that a suddenly dead battery will not take you away from your games!

Gamepad for smartphone

But what if you want to get the form factor and the gamepad capabilities of mobile gaming? No problem! Manufacturers of gaming peripherals have long been producing perfectly optimized gamepads for handheld devices. But, of course, you can also use a modern console gamepad if you want.

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Holder with buttons

A compromise version that combines the ergonomics of a game holder and the functionality of a full-fledged gamepad. This gadget securely holds your smartphone horizontally. But in addition to touchscreen control, it also offers a set of buttons with analog sticks for each hand.

A gun for mobile shooters

And this is a more highly specialized gadget explicitly designed for fans of mobile shooters like the hit Fortnite, PUBG, or Call of Duty: Mobile. In terms of functionality, it is still the same gamepad that allows you to move the control from the touchscreen to the actual buttons; the whole point here is the form factor. Anyone who has ever played an arcade machine or a game console with a light gun can confirm that the immersion in the game is multiplied when you put your finger on a natural (even plastic) trigger.

Wireless mouse

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Not everyone is comfortable playing shooters with a gamepad, and some particularly ardent PC gaming followers even consider it heresy. Many still consider a mouse the only suitable accessory for playing shooters. Let’s rejoice with them: such a solution is no less relevant and in demand in the mobile gaming world. Any mouse with a wireless Bluetooth connection will do for us to connect to our smartphone. But given our goal, let’s focus on compact gamer models.

Razer Atheris can offer the mobile shooter a super-sensitive sensor that allows you to point with the accuracy of one pixel and a powerful battery designed for 350 hours of continuous operation.

And if you want a mouse that’s not too bulky but has plenty of extra buttons, look no further than Logitech. With ten programmable keys and super-fast response, it’s the right mouse for severe and competitive gaming!

Extra battery and fast charging

External battery, or, as it is sometimes called, Powerbank – a necessary thing for everyone who is away from outlets for a long time or does not have time to recharge your smartphone. And for gamers, such a gadget is needed twice. First, modern mobile games are characterized by excellent graphics and the fact that they consume lightning-fast battery power. In this case, the power bank will be able to help you.

Wireless headphones

The wireless headphones will help you to dive into the virtual worlds and not disturb those around you. Some of you will probably object that wired models have a faster response time, which is especially important in competitive games. Wake up, dear boy! Technology has come a long way in recent years. And high-quality wireless earplugs for a long time can already respond as close as possible to the speed of wired headphones.

A portable speaker

But sometimes, it is appropriate not to hide from the surrounding sounds of gunfire or the roar of motors from virtual worlds, but on the contrary – make them louder! The best companion for games in a friendly company would be a wireless speaker.

Whatever genres of games you prefer, we wish you good luck in the virtual adventures – both on large and small screens!


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