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How to Know Which CBD Product is Right for You

During the last couple of years, CBD (Cannabidiol)has started appearing everywhere. Not only is it becoming the norm to find CBD infused into smoothies served at trendy juice stops and health stores, but it’s also used in skincare. The next big thing is for it to make its way into our medicines, especially those for combatting stress and anxiety.

With anything that is growing in popularity, there comes a lot of misconceptions surrounding CBD. Many people wonder if the psychoactive ingredient found in cannabis that gives people a ‘high’ is reactive in juices, skincare and medicine; the answer is no. The concentration is far too low to give any such feelings.

As many people often don’t understand exactly what CBD is made from, or which type is right for them, we’ve decided to break it down.

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What are the two ways you can get CBD?

There are two main ways you can get CBD: hemp and marijuana. It can often be misconstrued that the two are from the same type of plant, but they are actually not.

Throughout the health and medical industries, you will hear about two types of cannabis: Sativa and Indica. Marijuana falls into both groups, whereas hemp falls only into Sativa.

CBD and THC are present in both marijuana and hemp, but the amounts differ. You will find around 15-40% of THC in Marijuana, whereas hemp contains a small 0.3% concentration or lower.

This is why it is legal to purchase CBD.

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Where does the CBD come from to assist with pain?

There are several states in America where marijuana is legal, in which some people can purchase CBD straight from the marijuana plant. Many studies have suggested that CBD from marijuana has a higher chance of lessening the symptoms surrounding pain and anxiety.

Aside from the few states mentioned above, the most common way to access CBD for pain relief and anxiety is when it is derived from hemp.

What is the difference between oil, hemp extract and hemp seed oil?

All it takes is a quick little search for CBD on Amazon and you’ll find pages of products which claim to be hemp oil, offering the benefits of CBD. Be careful here – many don’t even contain CBD. There are plenty online which are legit; you just have to do some thorough research,

In order for hemp oil to contain CBD, it must be extracted from the leaves or stem of a hemp plant. This is where pure CBD can be found. There are different potencies of hemp oil too, so some products can contain high strength, while others will have a much lower amount. For example, this bulk CBD distillate contains on average 80% CBD, which is high potency.

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You also have hemp seed oil, which is derived from the seeds of the plant. This does not contain cannabidiol (CBD).

How can hemp seed oil help me then?

When you see the term Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, it is worth knowing that this doesn’t contain CBD. This is just another term for hemp seed oil.

Don’t be worried if some of your favorite products contain hemp seed oil. Although this isn’t going to offer much assistance for medical pain or anxiety, it is extremely useful for its anti-inflammatory, calming and redness-reducing properties, which is why it’s common in various acne and skin products.

Above all, it is worth remembering that where CBD is concerned, it’s important to take the time to do research. Read reviews, talk to your doctor, and read all the labels. When it comes to purchasing, make sure you buy from a trusted company.

Carter Maddox
Carter Maddox
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