With Hugh Hefner dead at 91: How Playboy founder inspired the casino industry is something that a lot of people are working to discuss. The fact that Hefner actually founded casinos seems to indicate that he had a direct connection to the industry. However, his connection to the casino industry is significantly more cultural in nature than that.

Hugh Heffner

Hefner was not simply a businessman. Playboy magazine was created in his image. He was a very public figure who strongly advocated a particular belief set. He more or less promoted that belief set right along with his magazine and almost everything else that he stood for as a public figure.

Hefner certainly promoted a sort of libertine attitude that helped to characterize the 1960’s. This libertine attitude is strongly associated with the casino industry today. A lot of people like to talk about Las Vegas as a city where anything goes and where a lot of people will indulge in the sorts of leisure pursuits that would have been off-limits to them under other circumstances.

It is true that Hefner was not completely responsible for that perception of Las Vegas. However, he was strongly involved in all of it. The casino industry existed before Hefner’s time. Gambling is an old pastime at this point in human history, and it is found in most cultures. However, it didn’t necessarily have to take shape in a modern manner.

Hefner helped to create the sense that a casino is the sort of place where people can really let loose and just indulge in their passions. He created a more powerful association between sexuality and casinos, and this is the sort of link that went on to make them more popular than they would have been otherwise. People will still see Playboy imagery with modern casino games, and this is partly a reference to the fact that there is a link between the modern casino culture and Playboy.

Some people like to associate James Bond with the casino gaming culture of the modern world. This is an accurate association. A lot of people will go to casinos in the hopes of more or less imagining that they’re James Bond and that they can adopt some of his suave mannerisms. They might not fantasize about some of the less glamorous aspects of the life of James Bond, but they certainly want the fun of being in casinos and indulging themselves in every other way.

For some people, Hugh Hefner more or less brought that fantasy to life. He was very much the sort of figure that seemed to be living the lifestyle that people associated with James Bond without many of the less positive aspects that weren’t as much fun to emulate. People imagined they were Hugh Hefner at some casinos, just like they imagined that they were James Bond.

Today, people can go to Vegas Palms a trusted Canadian online casino. The casino industry has moved on from Hugh Hefner and his lifestyle. However, his legacy still has an influence.