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INS Will Cover Covid-19 Patients Infected On The Job

One of the concerns of many, voiced on social networks and water coolers around the country, is what happens if the get the virus, the coronavirus covid-19, while at work.

The Instituto Nacional de Seguros (INS) – the state insurer – has stated salaried employees who are infected by the covid-19 in the performance of their job will be covered by the Work Risk Policy).

The payment of subsidy for payment of temporary disability, according to the Labor Code, corresponds to 60% of the worker’s daily salary during the first 45 days; from the 46th day and until the 730th (the max), this subsidy corresponds to approximately 85% of the daily salary.

About 1.5 million workers have this INS coverage, a policy that must be acquired by all employers in Costa Rica.

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INS president, Elian Villegas, explained that the coverage is activated only when the person is infected with the new coronavirus on the job.

For those people who are infected outside their work centers, the policy is not valid. In this case, it is the Health and Maternity Insurance (SEM) of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) that is responsible for the person’s health and salary.

“For example, Occupational Risks covers a journalist who is going to interview a person sick with coronavirus and gets it there, precisely because their were doing their job. If a doctor acquires the virus, but was on vacation outside the country or in the country, then in this case it would not be covered. Only people who can be infected in the exercise of their job,” explained Villegas.

The Occupational Risks police also covers the death of the insured: the spouse will receive for 10 years an annual income equivalent to 30% of the deceased’s annual salary and minors of the insured will also receive a benefit, from 20% to 40%. If there are no children, the spouse’s benefit payment will be 40%.


- paying the bills -
- paying the bills -
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