The Italian killed in La Sabana Wednesday night has been identified as Gianfranco Pescolido, 56 years of age, living in Costa Rica.


Ernesto Pescosolido told that his brother, originally from Arce, near the central Italian city of Frosinone, had been living in Costa Rica for several years, and leaves behind two children in Costa Rica.

The news of Gianfranco’s murder in Costa Rica night quickly made the Italian press, with all major online publications and television news carrying the report.

Gianfranco Pescosolido was a great lover of travel and especially of adventures in Latin America.

That’s how a dear friend remembers him, telling “Ciao, Gianfranco, you left for a great journey. Painful. For you, adventurous and curious man, eager to get to know the whole world by bicycle, motorbike, kayak, plane, for you the last trip was on foot and a few hundred meters.

“A few days ago you called me to know about my state of health and to plan a mushroom escapade (an Italian thing). You told me about your latest adventures in South America (your travels were simple and peaceful journeys) and we made the commitment to see each other as soon as we could, but this will not happen. We will miss you Gianfranco, so much.”

Gianfranco Pescosolido was killed Wednesday night, around 8:20 pm while in the La Sabana park on the west side of San Jose.

Witnesses say Gianfranco was running near the lake in the metropolitan park when he was assaulted. He was stabbed while fighting back when they tried to steal his cellular phone worn on his arm.

La Sabana park in San Jose, Costa Rica

According to Cruz Roja (Red Cross) paramedic Francisco Soto Vásquez, the man had two serious knife wounds in his upper torso.

“There were many people, very curious because it was an assault. The wounds were deep, a lot of bleeding. He was moved (transferred to hospital) in a delicate condition,” said Vásquez.

Gianfranco Pescosolido died minutes after arriving at the San Juan de Dios hospital only 2 kilometers away.

The Organismo de Investigacion Judicial (OIJ) is investigating.

So far this year, more than 552 homicides have been recorded.