The Gordo Navideño is the lottery with the biggest prize of the year offered by the Junta de Protección Social (JPS) every December. This year the winner numbers of 70 with series 726 did not have a buyer, so the ¢1.2 billion prize money stays with the lottery.

JPS director, Francisco Ibarra said that vendors only purchased tickets in the low numbers (under 50), thus the number 70 went unpurchased, that the entire number and series is the hands of the JPS.

The is the secong time it has happened, the first time was back in 1988, when the number 59 with series 525 did not make anyone a “millionario”.

The question by many is, what happens to the prize money? Ibarra explained that the money does not get pooled and added to future draws, rather it will be used for social programs.

The Second prize of ¢100 million colones number 01 with series 678 was sold in El Guarco, Goicoechea, Moravia, Naranjo de Alajuela and San José centre, while the third prize of ¢50 million colones will be shared holders of ticket number 44 with series 242 in Pococí, Nicoya, Curridabat, Goicoechea, Alajuela, Tibás and Liberia.

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