Friday 31 March 2023

Judge denounces doctors who issued a medical report in 7 minutes

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Three forensic doctors were denounced by Judge María Victoria Salas, for a medical report that they made in just 7 minutes and that served as the basis to pension her – unjustly – at age 33.

Judge María Victoria Salas

Salas was diagnosed with Sjogren syndrome, a disorder of the immune system identified by its two most common symptoms — dry eyes and a dry mouth. She cannot work in places with air conditioning. She asked for certain conditions to be able to carry out her work, but she assures that she was pensioned by someone’s “recommendation” and for her, that is corruption.

According to the judge, she was evaluated during a medical appointment and when she left (the appointment), within a few minutes the Medicatura Forense retired her, something that is “impossible”.

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“The doctor asked me: ‘What affects you in your position to work?’ I said: I am affected by air conditioning, fans, using the computer without rest and driving long distances (…) He checked my eyes with a light, mouth, ears, he made me walk towards the wall, he pressed a ganglion and told me to get dressed. That was the visit! In the medical opinion, they said a thorough medical exam was done, including a breast examination”, affirmed the judge.

When she realized that she had been retired, she decided to ask for the medical opinions that the doctors had prepared. Salas said that in reviewing the document, the first opinion was recorded at 10:11 am.

“I left the appointment at 10:04 am, and I do not understand how they made an opinion in a matter of 7 minutes. I am retired saying that I have Sjorgen Syndrome and that I said I had a disease called chronic interstitial pulmonary fibrosis (…) One does not come to the Medicatura Forense to say that they have cancer and they retire (you) at once, they review it,” she said.

“As a judge, you know the importance of reviewing all the evidence you have and scrutinizing every last paper,” said Salas, who, therefore, decided to review the opinion issued by the doctors.

The judge found one opinion contradicts the other and that the data that retires here does not correspond to her. “It is a great opinion but it has the identification number of a co-worker. When I start reading it carefully I realize my lungs are clean, without any problems of any kind and on the other side they say I have a disease like my lungs were raisins and I would have to walk with an oxygen tank. I have a CCSS opinion signed by four pulmonologists who say that I have nothing,” she explained.

For her, such contradictions show that the opinion “could never have been made in 7 minutes. There are only two possibilities: either they are (like the) flash, or they already had it prepared. I say it as a judge: not even a resolution of the process is done in 7 minutes. I was in Medicatura, closed the door, started my car and they had already retired me.”

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An evaluation determined that Salas could serve in the Constitutional Court and that was where she was given a position.

Judge Salas denounced her boss, a woman named Salas Abarca, as well as three other officials, Rodríguez Calvo, Vargas Solano, and Paguaga López, for the alleged crime of “ideological falsehood”.

Salas is concerned that such injustices are being committed regularly and therefore decided to denounce.

“How is it possible that these three doctors are sitting, retiring people, releasing prisoners, leaving them in jail, incapacitating people when they were able to put in a medical opinion something that obviously made up?” she said.

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