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Legislator: Deputy: “President has an obsession for people to see that he is in charge”

Paying the bills


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Paying the bills


QCOSTARICA ( Andrea Álvarez, the legislator for the Partido Liberación Nacional (PLN),  questioned what she considers to be the “obsession” that President Rodrigo Chaves, has with power.

PLN legislator Andrea Álvarez

Why doesn’t the president review his internal jurisdiction, why for him it is so important that people feel that he is in charge, where does this obsession for power come from? The legislator questioned herself.

Álvarez’s reference was given in the middle of the regulated debate that was agreed, to point out the interference of the Executive Power in appointments of the Board of Directors of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS), commonly referred to as the “Caja”.

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The “verdiblanca” affirmed that the history of the Caja is built thanks to social dialogue, but this Government seeks to deal only with people who think like them, imposing their criteria and rejecting those who think differently.

“The government seeks to name people who think like them because they can’t stand dialogue and dissent,” said Álvarez.

“It seems that the citizens are at the mercy of the insecurities of the presidency,” she added.

Álvarez recalled that to command is not to govern, and that the president did not govern when he kept the Minister of Health, Joselyn Chacón, in office, despite having lost all respect from the health sectors.

Respect the rule of law

For his part, the head of the Partido Liberal Progresista (PLP) faction, Eli Feinzaig, explained that he has never agreed with the boards of directors with sector interests, since it affects governance, in this case of the Caja, because they prevent making technical decisions.

“It should not be like this, the State should hire professional managers to guarantee decisions with technical criteria,” he said.

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However, Feinzaig remarked that in order to respect the Rule of Law it is vital not to violate the rules, since this is vital for society.

The PLP legislator and former presidential candidate in 2022, also questioned whether the decisions made by this Caja board of directors have legitimacy, which could generate more delays in key issues for the institution.

Club de amigos

Rocío Alfaro, the legislator for the Frente Amplio (FA), questioned the reason for the Government to place “friends of theirs” on the board of directors of the Casa.

Alfaro pointed out that already in that board of directors “to the taste of President Chaves” issues such as not pressuring the Government for the million-dollar debt to the Caja, voluntarily accepting the fiscal rule or weakening the IVM pension operator are discussed.

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Alfaro added that preventing the waiting list from being fully attended facilitates the outsourcing business, which is, according to her, what they are looking for in the Caja.

“It is a very serious issue, a coup d’état and they are normalizing authoritarianism in the country,” said Alfaro.

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Paying the bills
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