LIVE Cameras Alert Drivers To San Jose Traffic Conditions

The objective of the free website is to help drivers avoid getting stuck in traffic. Currently there are 37 cameras in strategic locations around the greater metropolitan area of San Jose


Camaras Viales (Road Cameras) is a website with LIVE road monitoring program of the major roads in the greater metropolitan area of San Jose.


The site currently offers cameras, their objective is 100 cameras in strategic areas of the city, to alert drivers of the traffic conditions and help them avoid getting stuck in major congestion.

The cameras operate on a 24-hour basis and the site is free to use. Users only need access to the internet by way of a computer or mobile device to observe the state of road conditions.


“We think that this is a public health problem and in that sense, we are contributing our bit as we have more than 25 years of experience in traffic management – road solutions – and we want to take advantage of new technologies and place them at the service of the Community,” says the website.


Currently online are 37 cameras in places like the Ruta 27, General Cañas, Rotondas, Circunvalacion and the San Jose airport. Clicking on the Google map on the front page on the location of each road camera will display it to check the status of live traffic.


Camaras Viales also aims, with the help of the Users, to build a database with the report of roads in “Bad Condition or Deteriorated” that represent a danger or inconvenience for drivers. On the map can easily point out these road problems and can upload a photo and exact location of that can be used by transit authorities for road maintenance.

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