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Man Caught Allegedly Filming Up Woman’s Dress Apologizes, But Insists He Did Nothing Wrong

Image from the video that went viral on the social media

QCOSTARICA – Luis Umaña, the man accused of videoing up a woman’s skirt in downtown San Jose, had the chance, on national television, to apologizes to the country and family of Gerardo Cruz, but continues to insist he was not recording, he did nothing wrong.

Luis Umaña interviewed on natgional television
Luis Umaña interviewed on national television

The 44 year-old man, dubbed “viejo verde” (sexual pervert), who works as an accountant with the Ministerio de Hacienda (Ministry of Finance), said his family has been most affected by the personal attack on him.

The video posted on Facebook by Gerardo Cruz that has had more than 1 million views paints the picture of Umaña allegedly using his cellular phone to video up a woman’s skirt as she walked the boulevard in downtown San Jose. When Cruz confronted Umaña, as show on the video, he begins to walk rapidly, attempting to flee the scene on foot, until he gets into a taxi.

“I don’t have to hide from anyone, I made a mistake and as a human, I can get over this. My sincere expression of forgiveness, because I screwed up”, Umaña said to the Telenoticias (channe 7) news camera.

Umaña denies doing anything wrong or anything to do with the attack on Cruz, who was stabbed two days after the Facebook post and continues in a coma at the Hospital Calderon Guardia.

Gerardo Cruz's family has no comment on the interview
Gerardo Cruz’s family had no comment on the interview

“I had nothing to do with what happened (to Cruz). I ask from the bottom of my heart that Gerardo Cruz recovers, I have no rancor against with him, or anyone. The media will do their job, but they attacked with a low blow and that’s what hurts me,” he added.

Click here to see the full video report by our friend, Ivan Meza for Telenoticias.

With respect to the interview aired on Thursday afternoon, Cruz’s family preferred not to comment. Meanwhile, authorities continue to investigate the attack on Cruz, but admit they are still unable to determine a motive for the attack.