QCOSTARICA – Hundreds on Sunday took to the streets of San José to protest violence against children, prompted by the brutal deal of a 2 year old, in Los Chiles, earlier this month.

President Luis Guillermo Solís, and his wife, Mereces Peías, led the march along Paseo Colon, from the Leo Cortes statue in La Sabana park to the Hospital de Niños (Children’s Hospital).

A number cabinet ministers, including second vice-president, Ana Elena Chacón and MOPT minister, Carlos Segnini. joined the march

“The country must realize that each and every one of us is responsible for maintaining peace in our homes, and both authorities and neighbours, organizations, businesses and all citizens need to be vigilant, because every day we see abuse of children, the elderly and women,” wrote Solís on his Facebook page.

Organizers of the event made a call to all in Costa Rica, together to change the reality, to lessen the violence.

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