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Metaverse – what is it and what are its most promising projects?

The Metaverse is a new technological discovery that not everyone has been able to understand. We explain what it is and what to expect from this novelty

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Paying the bills


Mark Zuckerberg started the Metaverse boom by renaming Facebook Meta in 2021 and radically changing the social network concept. The programmer and entrepreneur now aim with his brainchild and draw users into a global virtual space, a full-fledged digital world with its relationships, property, economy, and laws.

At the same time, the tokens on which meta-villages are based tend to grow in value. Of course, the virtual world does not depend on crises, upheavals, pandemics, and other misfortunes occurring in the real world. Sometimes, though, the dynamics of token development for no apparent reason make a sharp zigzag, changing from positive to negative and bringing their owners frustration and losses. But despite such collisions, on the whole, the market of meta tokens is viewed by most investors as promising. Soon it will be possible to pay with them, even in online blackjack for real money. That’s why it’s worth taking a closer look at new blockchain-based projects that could take off in 2022.

What is the Metaverse?

It’s been a long day. You’ve spent the morning bouncing between conference rooms, sneaking five minutes in the break room to talk to a colleague about the concert you’re going to in the evening. After work, you meet in the concert hall, anticipating a live performance by your favorite K-Pop band. After the concert, you buy a t-shirt and try to forget about seeing your ex-boyfriend there.

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Pretty typical day. So what’s so interesting? You did it all without leaving the house. Welcome to the Metaverse.

“At this point, I believe the Metaverse will be a new economy that is bigger than our current economy,” said Jensen Hung, CEO of computer graphics chip maker NVIDIA. NVIDIA, a company whose investment in the Metaverse has led some to predict that it will one day surpass Apple, is just one of many companies trying to make a name for themselves in the Metaverse gold rush. In addition, epic Games, Microsoft, and many others have launched their initiatives.

Facebook has invested in virtual and augmented reality for the Metaverse for years. CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he expects that one day, people will think of the social network as a Metaverse. This week, Facebook doubled down on its project, announcing a major initiative to create a Metaverse in Europe.


This approach to payments is especially interesting for cryptocurrencies. This year cryptocurrencies have created a tangible furor, thanks partly to the growing public awareness of non-playable tokens (NFTs). This technology could play a vital role in the Metaverse.

Transactions and ownership of most NFTs are registered on the Ethereum blockchain, the network that holds Ether, the second-largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. This puts

NFT and Ethereum stands a good chance of becoming the structural backbone of the Metaverse. Such a move could also legitimize cryptocurrencies as a form of payment, accelerating their spread to the public.

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Now the crypto world must focus on four areas that will eventually lead to the explosive growth of virtual worlds:

  • Create startups with time to grow with the market and become in demand.
  • Invest in promising projects.
  • Re-train from the web and mobile developers to 3D content creators. Master many other specialties that will be needed in the Metaverse.
  • Prepare your business transition from social networks and learn how to interact in the Metaverse.

The Metaverse market is still very young, and there are no apparent monopolists yet, so now is the best time to develop business in this direction.

What’s new in metaverses?

Metaverses revolutionized the mindset of users in 2021. This year, 2022, the trend will only gain momentum. So a year from now – in 2023 – there is a high probability that digital technologies will firmly take their place in our lives, cultures, and relationships. Below are the top meta-villages that you should pay attention to now.


The Bit.Country Metaverse is an alternative to projects like SandBox and Decentraland. It’s a platform based on Metaverse.Network allows users to create their own “countries” or set of metavalleys with their laws, rules, cryptocurrency rating, channels to encourage people to participate, economics, ownership, and other tools. “Countries” are placed in the continuum of the Polkadot ecosystem: the saturation of maps of the local 3D world depends on the activity of community participants. “Countries” represent a block at a specific location on the continuum. The block is divided into 100 sections that can be exchanged, assets can be placed inside, events can be organized, and NFT can be posted. Project participants can import any of the existing cryptocurrencies into the Metaverse or create their own, which will be used to run the infrastructure.


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Moonscape is a strategy game with the possibility to earn with NFT through DeFi tools. The game is set on a futuristic moon. The task of players – is to build a base, explore the territory of the planet, and collect and equip troops to repel the attacks of a potential enemy. Game experts say that the blockchain game has been worked out to the last detail and is a new generation of strategy games (the addition of NFT – only partly helped in the implementation of innovation Metaverse). At the same time, Moonscape is the latest project, the activity on the crypto-exchanges, which began in early 2022.


A blockchain-based gaming platform developed by Digital Entertainment Asset is set to revolutionize the way users think about online gaming. The authors of the project lay down the concept that allows earning money rather than spending it on obtaining certain game benefits. The game economy involves blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFT, which would enable users to receive rewards for their gaming activity. Playing now includes three NFT products: the flagship card game JobTribes (more than 40,000 monthly users), PlayMining Puzzle×JobTribes, and Lucky Farmer. In addition, Cookin’ Burger, a cooking competition, and Graffiti Racer, a racing simulator, are due on the platform in 2022.

Star atlas dao

In the creation of this next-generation game, Metaverse, “horses and people got mixed.” The basis of the project – is Solana blockchain, a multiplayer video game with real-time graphics and DeFi-technology. The story revolves around the construction of a spaceship and the subsequent exploration and study of the universe. Moreover, the main difference of this project from other blockchain-based games with a similar storyline is the ability to use NFT to create and design your spaceship.

The conclusion is inescapable: whether we like it or not, Metaverses are gradually entering our lives (or rather, we are entering meta universes). In the coming years, the trend will only increase, so it’s time to choose the most suitable virtual world.

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