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Mexico: Who to vote for, a Comedian or an “Alleged” Rapist?

Between comedians, masked wrestlers, sportsmen, and even an "alleged" rapist, the options in Mexico's elections in 2021

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Q REPORTS – Would you vote for a masked wrestler, a boxer, a singer, a comedian, or even an alleged rapist?

Masked wrestlers, former beauty queens, singers, and comedians will appear on the ballot on June 6 in Mexico (PanAm Post Design).

In Mexico, the candidacies for the June 6 elections have been opened to those who are not involved in politics. Some parties have resorted to show business or sports figures to obtain votes and not lose their registration.

Thus, a debate was opened due to the need of some parties to use “public figures” in the absence of political cadres. Or to resort to candidates of dubious reputation.

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For example, “Quico,” that antagonistic character from “Chavo del Ocho,” the famous singer “Paquita la del Barrio,” the wrestler “Blue Demon Jr.,” and even a “presumed” aggressor against women, Felix Salgado Macedonio.

These are just some of the options that voters will have this year in Mexico.

On June 6, the largest elections in the history of this country will be held. The 500 legislators of the Chamber of Deputies, 15 governors, 30 local congresses, as well as city councils, town councils, union offices, and municipal boards will be renewed. More than 21,000 elected positions will be at stake.

These will be complex elections. On the one hand, Morena, AMLO’s party, wants to maintain its majority in Congress. On the other hand, the opposition, in an unprecedented alliance of Mexico’s three main political parties, wants to take control of Congress away from López Obrador.

PAN, PRI, and PRD parties abandoned their differences to confront the Mexican President and take away the fundamental decisions of the Chamber of Deputies.

Candidates in decline

Mid-term elections are of little interest to voters, and abstentionism always wins. Now, it must be added that the electoral process will take place amid the pandemic, and the standards of the candidates are in decline.

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Political campaigns start on April 4. Political parties and coalitions are in the process of choosing their candidates. Some with totally rigged polls, others by appointment, or simply to cover the gender quota.

Mexicans are fed up with the lies of politicians, unfulfilled promises, the corruption of every government in power, and always seeing the same people in elected office. It has been pointed out in countless surveys that society distrusts them more than the police.

For some years now, political institutions of all colors began to nominate popular characters. But they know nothing about public administration. Actresses, singers, and athletes.

To laugh or to cry?

For 2021, some characters are already registered or have already raised their hands to provoke this binomial between laughter and tears. It is impossible not to fall into it.

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“Quico.” Yes, that character from the famous worldwide hit show “El Chavo del 8” wants to be governor of Queretaro. Carlos Villagrán registered as a pre-candidate for the “Querétaro Independiente” party for the governorship and the municipal presidency of Querétaro. Two candidacies in case any of them fail.

A few days ago, the singer “Paquita la del Barrio,” the singer of songs such as “Rata de dos patas,” “Me estás oyendo inútil,” and “Me salas a la tuya,” among others, registered as a pre-candidate of the “Movimiento Ciudadano” party for congresswoman for Misantla, Veracruz.

“I’m not looking for anything; I’m here for love because that’s how I was born. I don’t know why I am here. Do you understand me? I only know that there are people behind me, who are the ones who will teach me how to handle myself in this matter,” said Francisca Viveros Barradas, the 73-year-old interpreter in her first press conference as a pre-candidate.

No less hilarious are the pre-candidatures of the recently registered “Redes Sociales Progresistas” (Progressive Social Networks) party. Their pre-candidates for the mayorships of Gustavo A. Madero, Venustiano Carranza, and Cuauhtémoc in Mexico City are the masked wrestlers “Blue Demon Jr,” “Tinieblas,” and “Carístico.” Such is the level of the “progressive” party.

The list is very long. There is also the former technical director of the Puebla soccer team, José Luis Sánchez Sola “El Chelís” as Morena’s pre-candidate for deputy for Puebla and the former goalkeeper, Adolfo Ríos, pre-candidate for the municipal presidency of Querétaro for “Movimiento Ciudadano.”

All parties do the same

Rommel Pacheco, an Olympic diver, registered as a pre-candidate for federal deputy in Yucatán, for the PAN.

The National Action Party is also in negotiations with former Miss Universe Lupita Jones to nominate her as a candidate for the government of the state of Baja California for the PAN, PRI, and PRD alliance. And so much they criticized Morena for running candidates like the ones the PAN has on its list today.

One of the most controversial candidates is Felix Salgado Macedonio. It was reported that Morena, AMLO’s party, will nominate him as a candidate for the state of Guerrero, even though there is an open case against him for rape.

There they are, ready to serve Mexico, they say. Singers, actors, soccer players, beauty queens, and an “alleged” rapist. And all those who join them in the coming days.

The risk is very high. For example, the state of Morelos. A state that borders with the capital of the country and that, due to the weariness of corrupt governments, the famous former America player and national team player, Cuauhtémoc Blanco, came to power.

First, he was Mayor of Cuernavaca; now, he is Governor of Morelos, an entity where people are annoyed by the soccer player’s carefree and disinterested way of governing.

For June 6, as they say in Mexico, “the horse is lean.” The dramatic thing is that with this kind of horse, seats in the Chamber of Deputies are won and, even more regrettable, that any of the benches achieves the majority with this kind of “charismatic” and opportunistic characters.


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