Montserrat del Castillo Back Under The Knife

The latest plastic surgery is correct the "bunch of crap" she had done when 18


Television host, dancer, and model, Montserrat del Castillo, is back in the operating room again for repairs on her lips something she has wanted for years.

While under the knife, the beauty also her nose done because she did not like the way it looked on TV.

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When she was 18, she had a whole “bunch of crap” done to her at a clinic offering a package deal. The result was a deformation of her lips, swelling of her face and made her look more “chinilla” (Asian).

The plastic surgey was so bad that, in her opinion, made her look “feilla” (gross)…and on national television to boot. Many would ask her if she had her cheekbones operated on, but that part of the face has not been touched, swears the tv host/dancer/model.

“At last, I will fulfill the dream of correcting that forever!”, said Monserrat in a video in the social networks.

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The surgery was done last Saturday in a well-known clinic, the tv host/dancer/model commented on social media, “I am now happy to be able to smile like before!”

Montserrat, now 27, can be seen on Teletica‘s #debocaenbocacr. More on Monts on Facebook , where she lists as being single, living in San Jose and having studied public relations at the Ulatina, and on Instagram.