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Most popular places to have relations outdoors

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Who said sex has to be stucked in a bed or within four walls? Why not consider outdoor sex? In any language or culture, the taste of the forbidden or different attracts attention. In most countries, having sex in public is ill-advised and may be considered a crime.

However, it is possible to have it, practiced with all the necessary care to spend moments of adrenaline and pleasure, while maintaining some privacy.

A perfect practice for those who are looking for an adrenaline boost with a new partner, to fulfill the exhibitionist fantasy with a sexy escort in Costa Rica or if it is to rekindle the flame of love of a stable and lasting couple. Changing the routine of sex is the first step for the success of a relationship and changing the place to have the best sex can help with the stress inside the house.

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It’s often a great turn-on and can generate incredible memories. The feelings of shared excitement connect during sex and increase the level of intimacy of the couple seeking sex in different places than usual.

There are some forbidden yet preferred places to have sex and Skokka comes to tell what they are. They are places that appear to be of worldwide preference.

For people isolated in chalets or rural houses it can be easier to find other places to have sex outdoors. For that it’s good to always try to exchange information, seek opinions of other people who have the experience more often, as some places more than others, end up being the preferred among those who have this habit.

Sex on the beach

Yes, it seems a fetish quite common, as having sex on the beach can give a lot of adrenaline and connection for the couple. In the water or on the sand, in the sunset waiting for the moon to arrive, it’s just a matter of looking for a place with less movement of people.

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No matter the occasion, as long as there is caution so that no one catches it, why not? There will always be a towel, a sarong, a walk path, that could be the opportunity to test the adrenaline.

Public parks

Gardens and parks in general usually have benches to rest and contemplate nature. Generally, it is always possible to see on the faces of couples the desire that something hotter happens there. Not to mention the huge trees, spaces for walking and others secret places to have the best sex.

The probability that someone is wearing a skirt with the intention of finding moments of pleasure there, in the public space, is high. In fact, it is a good alternative, to go out wearing a dress or a skirt, find a good place and surprise the partner without panties.

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Sex in the street

On the way home, with the hottest Irish escort, a nice and empty street without movement of people, in which it’s only possible to see the best corners to get into and start giving the best kisses. It is always advisable to do it at night, though, to avoid being caught.

In the middle of nature

There are many options for having sex outdoors. In the middle of nature, on the road to reach a mountain, among the forests of a walk, in a beautiful waterfall like a romantic movie.

What matters is to find the ideal moment, between a pause and a few caresses, between walking looking for the route and the achievement of reaching the end, among the views and the desires.

Sex on a boat

Nothing more romantic than renting a boat with one of the best escorts in Manchester, feeling the sea breeze and having the best sex in the middle of the sea waves.

It is always possible to find some time alone with the special person, maybe to find on the boat a space just for those who want sex in that moment of relaxation.

A balcony for two

Social networks and the internet present some stories of people having sex on their balconies, even on some terraces. Going out to the balcony, a glass of wine, looking at the view, starting with subtle movements. Sex in these cases can generate a lot of envy from the neighbors, as well as a lot of fun between the couple.

Wherever it is, be careful!

External factors can cause some fears when having sex outdoors. Therefore, it is always recommended to take a look around where it is intended to have a good time.

Moreover, no one wants to go through the nightmare of sitting in a place where ants or small bugs are walking around. So even if the heat of the moment takes attention away from other details, it is advisable to pay attention in this regard.

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Paying the bills
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