Natalia Rodríguez helps out ‘ex’ in restaurant opening

Natalia is not a typical Tica that after a breakup won't even speak to her ex.

Natalia is not a typical Tica that after a breakup won't even speak to her ex.

The host of “Sábado Feliz” Natalia Rodríguez showed on her social networks that she is one of those women who can continue to be friends with her ex-boyfriends.

From Facebook

Newly married, the hot Tica was for many years the girlfriend of the actor Mario Chacón, who forms the comedy quartet Media Docena and lead in the Costa Rican film, “Maikol Yordan de Viaje Perdido“.

- payin the bills -

And although some thought, as typical after a breakup, that the two do not even speak to each other are very wrong.

Naty decided to give her ex-boyfriend a hand by announcing his restaurant on her social networks. And we can be sure she didn’t ask for a single colon.

Mario (Mailol) and his partner Daniel Moreno are owners of Sabor a Tango and due to the pandemic, they are betting on express service. And without hesitation, Naty was there to help.

- paying the bills -

We imagine that Don Emilio Garro, Naty’s husband, is OK with his new wife given her ex a hand.

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