COSTA RICA NEWS – Ticos Air, the new Costa Rican airline may have its days numbered, after failing to sumbit permits for international flights approval.

ticos_air__hero-fullThe airline had targeted December last year for a start operations, but due to delays in presentation of documents, authorities may close the file and ground the airline before even taking off.

Alvaro Vargas, director de Aviación Civil (Civil Aviation) told La Republica that the company will soon be notified of the decision.

Vargas said that the airline has not presented documentation since February, when it asked for more time to obtain the permits.

The major setback for the company has been in their acquisiton of the aircraft, which it had planned on leasing.

The process of certification, according to Vargas, takes five steps that includes the delivery of the company’s technical manuals and staff training, and that the company has at least two aircraft and crews.

In the last decaded four national companies have tried to complete the certification, none obtained permits.

The last Costa Rican airline to be certified was Lineas Aéreas Costarricenses S.A (LACSA).

Although the name LACSA has disappeared, the airline is still active, now called Avianca Costa Rica and is based in San José, operating international scheduled services to over 35 destinations in Central, North and South America. All international services are now operated by Grupo TACA. As a subsidiary of Grupo TACA, the airline was also known as TACA/LACSA. Since May 2013, LACSA has been owned by Avianca, which bought Grupo TACA.

Source: La Republica