Nicaragua police clash with protesters


The four express pickets that took place last Saturday in Managua, despite the immense police and paramilitary deployment, represent the only form of pressure that Nicaraguans have to fight for “the rights confiscated” by the Ortega dictatorship, according to Juan Sebastián Chamorro , executive director of the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy (AC).

Protester points to police officers who threw stunning bombs at citizens during an express picket in the Pellas building. Photo: Carlos Herrera

During an interview with Esta Semana, Chamorro stressed that “The dictatorships in any part of history have given or returned confiscated rights.

This has to be gained,” he said, in relation to the right to manifest freely, which has been eliminated by the orteguista regime with the imposition of a state of siege.

Juan Sebastián Chamorro, executive director of the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy. Photo: Carlos Herrera

The demonstrators are demanding President Daniel Ortega stand down and call an election.

For the opposition leader, currently, the discussion about the political future of the country should revolve around the “Nicaragua we want”, beyond defining who to vote for or in which space it would be.

He announced that this week members of the AC and the Blue and White National Unit (UNAB) will meet with the OAS High-Level Diplomatic Commission, which the Government denied entry to Nicaragua. To the diplomats, according to Chamorro, they will be presented “the situation of a police state that Nicaragua currently lives, the violation of human rights, the existence of more than 126 political prisoners, the murders of peasants in the north”.


Source: Confidencial

Article originally appeared on Today Nicaragua and is republished here with permission.