idle-lands-nicaraguaTODAY NICARAGUA | Leasing plots of land in the country that are not being used could be an alternative for owners who do not have the resources nor the technology to exploit them.

Nicaragua has almost the same amount of unused land as plots farmed with corn, beans, rice and sorghum.

Data from the Nicaragua – Fourth National Agricultural Census (CENAGRO 2011) reveals that more than 995,500 blocks of agricultural land are being left unused in the country, which means there is an opportunity to lease land and extract profit, as is done in the housing sector.

“… Lease of unused land in the country could be a solution to jump-starting a productive project in the country. Not only the sale of land, but also medium-term income could generate efficiency in agricultural production ” said Juan Sebastian Chamorro, economist and executive director of the Nicaraguan Foundation for Economic and Social Development (Funides) to .

The idea is supported by the economist Luis Murillo in the same report, which states that “… the most productive land is in the hands of small producers, and is going unused. And producers, although they have the land, can not purchase technologies and invest in order to improve productivity. ” For this reason, experts suggest strengthening the use of leases in agriculture, which involves the challenge of making property rights transparent so that producers can make use of this resource.

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