Nicaraguans Can Now Travel Visa-Free To Taiwan

Visa-free travel to Taiwan is up to 90 days, announced the government of Daniel Ortega


TODAY NICARAGUA – Nicaraguans no longer need a visa to travel to Taiwan, the government of Daniel Ortega announced on Tuesday.

“It is the decision of the Government of Taiwan, to grant a free visa, in reciprocity by the free visa that Nicaragua grants to its citizens,” said Rosario Murillo, Nicaragua’s vice president.



Murillo, the wife of President Ortega, explained that Nicaraguans can stay up to 90 days in Taiwan, provided they have their valid passport, show their round-trip air ticket, and have no criminal record.

Nicaragua is one of the 21 countries that maintains diplomatic ties with Taiwan and not with China.

Taiwan is the best economic partner of Nicaragua in Asia, while China considers it (Taiwan) a rebel province.

In 2016 Nicaragua exported goods for US$29.87 million dollars to Taiwan. In the first quarter of 2017, Taiwan ranked fourth in the export destination countries of Nicaragua, at 4.4%, behind the United States, El Salvador and Venezuela.