Often mistaken for grandmother and granddaughter, lesbian couple say they are getting married

Lesbian couple with 37 year age gap say their sex life is 'mind blowing'


They say that age is only a number, that in love there is no difference. And that’s certainly the case of Julia Zelg and Eileen de Freest confirm, two women with a 37 year age gap, in love and determined to get married.

Eileen de Freest is 61 and Jula Zelg is 24

Julia is a 24-year-old blogger and Eileen a 61-year-old political correspondent. They met on Tinder, both insist it was love at first sight and they have been inseparable ever since.

No doubt generate much confusion when they are seen together in public, Julia and Eileen are often confused for grandmother and granddaughter.


“We are not grandmother and granddaughter, we are a couple and we are going to get married,” they affirm.“We will not let any haters stop us because we just love each other.”

“When I saw Eileen in person for the first time, I was just in awe of her because she is just the most gentle and lovely person ever,” said Julia. “She made me feel so good and she is just captivating.”

Eileen said: “We are together because we are together and the age gap is something a reality but it is not something that I was looking for. I wasn’t looking for a relationship at all, in fact, I was very happy on my own.”

Despite being together for less than a year, the couple now live together and have even got a kitten.

“We are together for love and not for an obsession or a fetish. The difference in our ages has almost no impact on our relationship,” said Julia, the young YouTuber who prefers to appreciate more the similarities she has with her girlfriend than the differences.

“We are lucky to have a bond and an extraordinary attraction, as I had never experienced before. Although neither of us is religious, we both feel blessed to have found each other,” added the young woman.

“I think we get hate comments mostly because of our age difference but also because we are gay and there are unfortunately still a lot of homophobic people out there,” Julia said.

And their age gap certainly doesn’t affect their sex life.

The two aren’t shy sharing intimate details of their love life and say their sex life is great.

Eileen said: “Julia and I have an extraordinarily good sex life, I have never been with somebody who is as exciting as her and fun as hell.”

Julia added: “I used to think that most older women wouldn’t be very sexually active or wouldn’t be that interested in sex life but I guess I was wrong.”

Julia and Eileen with Julia’s mother in Brazil, who hs been supportive of their relationship (Image: / Barcroft Media)

Julia’s mother, Ingrid Sellge – who is eight years younger than her daughter’s partner – was extremely anxious about meeting Eileen for the first time. But after meeting her daughter’s older lover at the airport, she told Barcroft TV: “I didn’t imagine that Julia would have a girlfriend so much older but it’s not a problem for me.”

Despite their almost 40-year gap, the pair are planning their future together and have learned to not let the judgment of others bother them and their romance.

The younger woman has concerns however, that they can’t grow old together.