Only in such a widely dispersed vote as the nation has had would one find the election winner (Partido Accion Cuiadadana -PAC) having to league with the farthest left party, the Frenta Amplio, for leadership of the Legislative Assembly. The two parties have cobbled together 20 measures they’d like to pass into law.

Henry Mora is the PAC candidate to lead the Legislative Assembly
Henry Mora is the PAC candidate to lead the Legislative Assembly

Central to their deliberations, reports La Nacion, are three pieces of legislation that did not make it into law because of three presidential vetos,  two by Presidenta Laura Chinchilla and one by former president Oscar Arias. Most controversial of these is a bill that would, inevitably, give unions more power.

Chinchilla torpedoed the labour law because it would give unions the power to strike in sectors necessary to the public such as health services. So a strike of medical personnel at the public hospitals run by the CAJA could leave those who cannot afford private health care without recourse.

Gerardo Vargas, who has been tapped as Frente Amlio legislative floor leader for the coming term, noted that lifting the veto is in the sole power to president-elect Luis Guillermo Solis. But when it comes to gaining control of the Directorate of the legislature, including president of the body, the situation gets chancy.

A bare majority is needed- 29 votes. It appears with the support of the Frente Amplio it would be easy for the PAC, with 13 legislative seats, to  pick up stray vote elsewhere to put them in. But not all PAC members are on board.