Thursday 9 February 2023

Patient whose penis was amputated sent a loving message to his girlfriend

The man was operated on at the Ciudad Neily hospital and could home on Saturday

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QCOSTARICA – A man named García, a resident of Osa, in the southern zone, underwent a penis amputation on Wednesday in an attempt to save him from cancer.

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As soon as the patient woke up from the operation, he asked the doctor who was with him to hand over his cell phone because he wanted to send a message to his girlfriend.

“I love you, I love you, my love, do not feel bad, my life, I love you very much and I want to see you, I hope they let you pass here (to the hospital bed) so that you can be with me for a little while,” he told his girlfriend through a voice message.

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The woman, surnamed Maroto, felt great joy at receiving the message that gave her hope and strength to continue fighting alongside her great love.

García was admitted to the Ciudad Neily hospital on Tuesday morning, where for a few months they have been treating him for an injury in his genital area.

Just over a week ago, doctors diagnosed him with penile cancer and recommended operating on him as soon as possible.

The operation on Wednesday morning lasted about 90 minutes.

“I was here in the hospital throughout the surgery, when it was over I spoke with the doctor, who operated on him, he told me that they had to remove more than half of his penis.

“If everything goes well, on Saturday he could leave the hospital so that he can continue to recover at home, and then comes chemotherapy,” explained García’s girlfriend.

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The man says he is going through the hardest time of his life, but tries to be positive.

“I am already operated, thank God everything went well and I hope to be home soon. They left me a probe in the genital area, the doctors say it has to be there while everything heals.

“Keep praying for me because I am just beginning this process, I already feel a little calmer and I trust God that everything goes well and that I can recover,” García told La Teja from the medical center.

Wednesday afternoon Maroto was able to see her boyfriend.

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“I know very hard times are coming, they are going to send him home with the probe and I know that I have to take great care of him. He has a very positive mind and so do I, I want to think that we are going to get out of all this soon,” said the woman.

Terrible oversight

García discovered a kind of bruise on his penis four years ago, but out of shame he preferred not to give importance to the matter.

A few months ago, García began a romantic relationship with Maroto, who discovered that something was very wrong with her boyfriend.

For two months she insisted that he see a doctor until he agreed, after months of examinations and analysis the terrible diagnosis arrived.

“I told him that with a penis or without a penis I was going to continue loving him and that we were going to face this hard process together and I will do so until God allows it,” said Maroto.

The patient decided to let his case become public so that other men learn from his experience and undergo periodic check-ups, especially when they detect something.

“Do not be shy so that what happened to me will not happen to you, at the moment in which your noble parts are affected, go to the doctor.

“What I am experiencing now is very hard, thank God I have my partner who has supported me a lot, we are fighting together,” said the man two days after he was diagnosed with cancer.

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Paying the bills
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