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Planning to Relocate to Costa Rica from the US – Few Things That You Need to Know

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Paying the bills


Planning to settle in Costa Rica? Costa Rica is a tropical paradise and is among the favorite destinations for ex-pats to retire, study and live. The country is abundant in wildlife, natural beauty, and surfable beaches rank Costa Rica as an exciting destination. If you are adventurous, then you will love this country.

Recently, my friend also relocated to Costa Rica from Lake Nona for his new business venture. Although he faced some issues with the weather but adjusted comfortably within a few weeks.

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The weather of Costa Rica is quite diverse when compared to Lake Nona weather conditions. It is usually warm throughout the year in Costa Rica with rains between May and November. The warm and rainy conditions may take some time for people from the US to settle comfortably here.

We have prepared some guidance about Costa Rica which will be of great help to you.

Let us look at some information about the country.

A Quick Guide: Migration to Costa Rica

Cost of Living

The overall spending for staying in Costa Rica is lesser than the United States. The grocery, restaurant, rent, and consumer prices are not as much as the United States. According to one of the renowned magazine reports, the ex-pats of Europe, Canada, and America spend less in Costa Rica. The spending is much less than their spending in their home countries.

The report claims that Costa Rica is considered the World’s best place to live, travel, retire and invest.

The cost of living per month for a single person falls between $1400-$1700. But a retired couple can easily stay spending $2000 a month. If they wish to live a better life, then their cost of living will come to $2500-$3000 a month. Indeed, the cost of living differs with the choice of lifestyle.

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Those settled in a renowned tourist destination end up paying more on an everyday basis. But all in all, for newcomers it is the country which is quite affordable.


Home prices usually depend upon town and cities. The overall housing market of Costa Rica is strong and comparatively affordable. On average, the rental in the city center for single-bedroom apartments costs around $ 475.13 per month. The cost of rent comes down if you choose to take a single-bedroom apartment outside the city to an average of $384.74 per month.

The average selling price on a per square foot basis of an apartment in Costa Rican city price is $174.11. It becomes $141.87 per square foot on an average outside city limits.

According to a report of the property guide, the costliest property of Costa Rica is in “The Central Valley”. It comes under Greater Metropolitan city limits and is the place for most businesses on the Pacific Coast.


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Costa Rica is a safe nation. Still, the newcomers need to be careful and compulsorily take necessary precautions during their visit to the country. The United States Department of State has issued guidelines to travelers to be extra cautious in Costa Rica because of crime. The guidelines state that the main threat for travelers in Costa Rica is petty crime. But there are violent crimes also taking place in the country.

The safety tips are to know about your area, not to give hints of your income or wealth, and avoid resistance in case you become a robbery victim.


Costa Rica’s tropical and warm weather and beautiful beaches pull plenty of newcomers and tourists each year. As a country, Costa Rica has two distinctive seasons: the rainy season and the dry season.

There is extreme rain every year during the month from May to November. The rainiest month falls between September and October. The dry season starts in December and ends in April.

The annual average temperature of Costa Rica ranges from 21 degrees to 27 degrees Celsius. It makes the country a warm place to reside.

Quality of Life

You will find the quality of life in Costa Rica if you are a student, retiree, or have a family. In fact, as per the World Economic Forum, Costa Rica is counted among the World’s Happiest Countries. The country has a picturesque rainforest, educated population, beautiful beaches, and stable democracy. All these factors rank Costa Rica as a country providing an outstanding quality of life.

The Happy Planet Index also shows Costa Rica as the happiest country in the universe. The nation won this title as it gives importance to environmental sustainability. According to some reports, citizens of Costa Rica are better off than the people residing in many other developed nations.

As per the Happy Planet Index, the country not only leads in environmental protection. But also have a culture of strong social connections. All these reasons add up to Costa Rica’s high quality of life.


Newcomers will experience top-quality healthcare facilities and providers in Costa Rica. International Living reveals that the best healthcare in Latin America is in Costa Rica. Expats get eligible to use the country’s private system and the universal healthcare system. The nation not only provides the best healthcare facility, but the cost is also lower than the United States.

The article gives the sense that the cost of healthcare based on the treatment is around one-third to one-fifth of the healthcare cost in the United States.

Immigration Requirements

The citizens of Canada and the United States need not apply for a Visa to visit as a tourist in Costa Rica. But they will have to show proof of leaving Costa Rica in 90 days. Those planning to reside in Costa Rica for long have different VISA options. It includes the Rentista Program and Pensionado Program.

The renowned Pensionado Program would require the newcomer to submit proof showing $1000 income per month as Pension from the legitimate source. The Rentista Program needs evidence that the traveler’s income per month will be at least $2500 for the next two years. Or else they need to have a deposit of $60,000 in a Costa Rican Bank.

A Peaceful Life: Wish of Everyone

After years of struggle, everyone wishes for a peaceful life. Costa Rica is the place that offers you a great experience once you decide to live in a serene and calm place. The country has beautiful places which you would like to spend with the love of your life. With the quality of life available in the country, it is one of the best places to settle down.

Of course, you will have to consider a lot of other factors that affect your lifestyle. But we are sure Costa Rica as a country will be able to fulfill everything that you need. The best part of the country is its cost of living which is very affordable. Hence, Costa Rica becomes the first choice for pensioners. The nation has everything from nature to education, and it suits all age groups.

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