President Solis and his ministers prior to the presidential speech last May
President Solis and his ministers prior to the presidential speech last May

QCOSTARICA  – “Ministers who do not meet the expectations will be gone on 1 May,”  were the words of President Luis Guillermo Solis on November 24, 2014, his death sentence to ministers of his cabinet who did not perform in controlling spending,  promising an efficient and effective administration of public funds.

However, four months later, the President managed to extract himself from the predicament

On March 27, Solis amended Article 7 of the guideline (Directriz N.° 17-P – 25 de noviembre del 2014) which read: “the unjustified breach of this directive will lead to the removal of the incumbent”.

Instead, the new guideline, No. 23-H, deleted the original article and replaced with: “the unjustified breach of the rules contained in the first chapter can lead the President to consider the removal of the incumbent.”

A big difference.

On the social media many have taking to calling Solis a liar. Some even questioning their decision to have voted for him, a decision that led Solis to be elected with the highest number of votes ever in second round voting in the 2014 elections, after sliding by with a slight margin in the first round. (A presidential candidate has to obtain at 40% of the vote to be declared a winner).

In the political arena, Mario Redondo, legislator of the Alianza Democrata Cristiana, who questions the lack of choerence in President Solis’ speech.

“He announced with great fanfare what he would dismiss ministers to guarantee a correct execution (of the budget) and now we realize it was all hot hair (tomada de pelo in Spanish),” said Redondo.

Source:  La Nacion – Luis Guillermo Solís cambió directriz para evitar despido de ministros