President Solis Holidays In Spain After Asking Ticos To Visit Areas Affected by Nate

President on vacation abroad after appealing on social networks to Costa Ricans to visit areas affected by tropical storm Nate


In a classic ‘Do as I say, not as I do’, after asking Ticos (Costa Ricans) to “turistear” (visit) areas affected by tropical storm Nate to boost the local economy, President Luis Guillermo Solis and family headed for Spain for the holidays, despite his call on the social networks.

Posted on Twitter, a photo of Costa Rica President Luis Guillermo Solis sitting in Business Class of an Iberia flight to Madrid, Spain

Solis will be out of the country from December 23 and will return on January 7, 2018, is the official notice sent to the Legislative Assembly.

“The tropical storm #Nate left great destruction in its wake and hundreds of affected families, but they are not alone … they count on our help,” says a Tweet on December 26. “Therefore, this summer enjoy the tourist places that were affected by the phenomenon,” he continues.


This request was accompanied by a video that presents the different beauties offered by Guanacaste, Osa, Monteverde, Montes de Oro, Zona de los Santos, Aserrí, and Acosta.

But the message hit the nerve of some Costa Ricans who considered Solís’ message contradictory for traveling abroad instead of spending time in these places in Costa Rica and questioning it on social networks.

There we saw him, sitting in Iberia’s Business Class giving the example to Costa Ricans … #NOT

Some were not so kind with their words for the Prez.

Lest we not forget, Solis is in the last months as a president of a country he and others have deemed unmanageable. Solis, after being elected on the wave of ‘change’, made that known at the end of his first year and would not seek re-election in future elections.

Solis’ term in office ends on May 8, 2018.