Reasons A Trip To Costa Rica Could Actually Change Your Life


Q TRAVEL This list  by Annie Daly was published on Buzzfeed in January last year, but still applies today. In Annie’s words, “As a travel editor, I’ve been to a fair amount of places around the world — and Costa Rica is hands down, by far, one of my favorites.”

“In fact, I love Costa Rica so much that I actually lived there for a month last year, back when my job was remote,” wrote Annie.

Annie lists her 25 reasons that still apply today.

1It has some of the most beautiful beaches ever.

Annie Daly

2 And it also has beautiful cloud forests …

3… and rainforests, too.

Annie Daly

4Its motto, “pura vida,” which is Spanish for “pure life,” will speak to your soul.

Annie Daly

5Especially because the locals — called Ticos — truly embrace the pura vida lifestyle

Annie Daly

6In the less-touristy towns, it’s easy to feel like you’ve stepped back in time.

Smaller towns like Dominical, Uvita, and Nosara will take you back to the way things were. There aren’t really any big commercialized chains, people smile at you as you’re walking down the sunny street, and life is golden.

7There is a sloth sanctuary. Yes, a sloth sanctuary.

Flickr: 28759204@N00

8And there are howler monkeys!

Flickr: jurvetson

9The roads, though full of borderline dangerous twists and turns, are stunning.

Annie Daly

10The sunsets are unreal.

Annie Daly

11I repeat: unreal.

Flickr: chrisgold

12And the sunrises, if you can actually wake up for them, are #worthit, too.

Flickr: chrisgold

13There are beautiful bogenvelia bushes everywhere you look.

Annie Daly

1414. And there’s some other seriously cool flora, too.

Annie Daly

15The local food hits the spot, especially the plantains.

Flickr: puroticorico

16And their most well-known beer, Imperial, tastes great at the beach.

Annie Daly

17The surfing is incredible, both for beginners and for people with more experience.

Daniel_goldin / Getty Images

18And yoga is all over the place.

Annie Daly

19The volcano situation in Costa Rica is on point.

Flickr: whappen

20And the hot springs around Arenal are some of the most soothing in the world.

Annie Daly

21Ziplining will change your perspective forever.

22You can bike pretty much anywhere you want.

Annie Daly

23There’s also tons of hiking, for those who are so inclined.

Flickr: gt8073a

24The waterfalls are magical.

Flickr: keepitsurreal

25But perhaps most of all, Costa Rica is a great place to chill out

Annie Daly