Relatives of patients who have someone admitted to the San Juan de Dios Hospital can bring prepared food from home, the medical center said on Monday.

The San Juan de Dios Hospital in downtown San Jose

Lorena López Jenkins, head of Nutrition Service at the hospital, explained that due to the strike, the food given to hospitalized patients is very basic (a sandwich and juice), so family members who have the possibility of bringing prepared food at home can do, as long as they are homemade and not store-bought.

The nutritionist explained that the family, in preparing the food, should contemplate if the patient has any special needs, such as sugar-free food is diabetic, recommending food to be light such as “picadillo” and rice.

On the other hand, the Damas Voluntarias del San Juan de Dios (Volunteer Ladies of San Juan de Dios) have been responsible for making rounds throughout the hospital and serving coffee to hospitalized patients; They also make beds.

Jorge Mora Sandí, general director of the hospital, explained that the medical center is working with the staff that did not go on strike, nurses working 12-hour shifts.