Saturday’s Demonstration At The U.S. Embassy In San Jose (Photos)


From Angie Vecchio, co-organizer of the event, live on Saturday, June 30, in front of the U.S. Embassy in San Jose, the official count was 80 Ticos (Costa Ricans) and Gringos (Americans) who gathered together to protest the demonizing of immigrants and refugees, and the separation of families at the US Mexico border due to the zero tolerance immigration policies of the United States; and to demand their reunification.

Angie writes the protesters were persistent in transmitting their messages through signs and chants in English and Spanish, and passersby were enthusiastic in their reaction. Horns were sounded in support, waves from car and bus windows were frequent, and pedestrians at times stood with the protesters.


The rally in Pavas was one of hundreds around the world in solidarity with the message Families Belong Together, and denouncing the policies of the Trump administration against migrants and refugees fleeing horrors in their home countries.

The photos are from Mitzi Stark.


Judy Fried who organized the demonstration with Angie Vachio