Sunday 13 June 2021
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The perfect way NOT to use a mask

(QCOSTARICA) A large group of mayors, unionists and municipal workers gathered outside the Legislative Assembly today (Tuesday), in downtown San Jose, demanding legislators approve the "Law to support the local taxpayer and strengthen the financial management of the municipalities in the face of the...

Health Workers On New Strike Today; Albino Vargas Calls To Close Borders and Bock Roads

Block roads from border to border for up to 48 hours is the call for today, Tuesday, September 10, to the representatives of the Mesa Social Multisectoral, by Albino Vargas, the head of the union of one, if not the strongest trade union, the...

Costa Rica 1, Albino Vargas 0

Albino Vargas, unquestionaly the most powerful union leader in Costa Rica, would be the biggest loser if the 'strike' bill makes it past the hurdles to become law.

Unions up the pressure on the president

Iin the caricature we see Albino Vargas, head of one of the most powerful public sector unions, the ANEP, raising the heat on the 'pressure cooker' that is Costa Rica as President Carlos Alvarado tries to calm it.  

Albino Vargas warns of more social upheaval!

"If anyone believes, with all due respect, that the social upheaval will dissipate, they would be wrong", affirmed this Wednesday the general secretary of the public worker's union, the Asociación Nacional de Empleados Públicos (ANEP), Albino Vargas. "It is taking a big step, an opening....

OPINION: Serious Presidential Mistake

Rico's TICO BULL - I have to agree with the editorial in La Nacion today, Wednesday, July 3, 2019, that the decision by President Carlos Alvarado to dismiss Minister Edgar Mora is a serious error. The error is not in the president making a change...

Albino Vargas Stirs The Fire And Calls For A National Strike. Again.

Albino Vargas is stirring the fire and made a call to huelga nacional (national strike). Again.  If you will recall, it was Vargas at the front of the national strike last year that lasted for more than three months.

Albino Vargas: ‘There are people calling for a coup d’état and an armed struggle’

During an appearance before the Comisión sobre Huelgas del Congreso (Legislative Commission on Strikes), the secretary-general of the of the strongest public workers unions the ANEP, Albino Vargas, affirmed that the reason the recent national strike last 89 days is the same that motivates...

After almost 29 years on leave, Albino Vargas releases his position at Justicia

Rico's TICO BULL - After almost 29 years being on leave from his clerk job at the Ministerio de Justicia, the union leader at the front national strike that began on September 10, Albino Vargas, is out of work. Vargas, who for almost 29 years...

Vargas Activates His “Pension Chute”

In the caricature by, we see Albino Vargas, the leader of one of the most powerful public sector unions, the Asociación Nacional de Empleados Públicos (ANEP), heading for retirement now that the end of the strike is around the corner Vargas was pretty peeved when...

President will take strikers to court

As the strike enters its 8th consecutive day, on Sunday President Carlos Alvarado emphasized that the continuing of the strike is "unprecedented and unjustified". The president said that in the government are prepared to take those who continue striking, responding to the call by the...

Albino Vargas: The Face Behind The National Strike

A leave without pay granted to Albino Vargas on January 15, 1990, has allowed this public employee to remain in his career as general secretary of the Asociación Nacional de Empleados Públicos (ANEP) - National Association of Public Employees - without the possibility of...

Unions Say General Strike Making an Impact As National Strike Heads Into Day 3

Costa Rica's labor unions said its second day of the national strike is having an effect against a proposed Plan Fiscal (Tax Reform). On Tuesday, the head of the ANEP, one of the largest public sector unions, Albino Vargas said they were satisfied with the...

Union Leader Compares Carlos Alvarado To Daniel Ortega

Union leader Albino Vargas compared the President Carlos Alvarado to his Nicaraguan counterpart Daniel Ortega. According to Vargas, both leaders have similarities in their relationship with the people, they talk about talking and talking, "but nothing will change here". Vargas considered the president's Sunday night speech...

Strike Dissenter Confronts Union Leader

A man named Enrique, employee of the Municipality of San José, confronted the ANEP public sector union leader, Albino Vargas, during a protest behind the San Jose municipal offices. For not joining the strike, Enrique was cornered by his follow municipal workers, requiring a police intervention...


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