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People who live to 100 tend to eat lots of beans

Dan Buettner grew up in Minnesota during the 1960s, where he was fed a high-carb diet of bright yellow macaroni and cheese and sweaty red hot dogs wrapped inside flaky croissants. "We didn't know better," he said. But when the cyclist and storyteller started traveling around...

Liberia airport store offer tourists the secrets of the Nicoya longevity

Tourists passing through the Daniel Oduber airport in Liberia, Costa Rica, will be able to take home a bit of the longevity of the Nicoyans. Tea and infusions, flour, pinolillo de maiz morado, café de ojoche, chileras, honey, chocolates, condiments criollos, cookies and carao, are...

What Can We Learn from the World’s Happiest People?

With 15 years at National Geographic, journalist Dan Buettner developed an unusual expertise in finding the most extraordinary populations on earth, then doing a bit of reverse-engineering to figure out what made them so special. His work led him to explore the secrets of happiness,...

5 Things We Know About the People Who Live Longest: Lessons from Nicoya, Costa Rica

The average lifespan in the U.S. is about 78 years, and for the first time since the 1990s, it’s getting shorter. Despite spending much more on health care, Americans are sicker than people in other wealthy countries, with illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and...

Costa Rica To Reveal Secrests of It’s “Blue Zone”

Costa Rica will reveal the secrets of living a long and healthy life at the World Meeting of Blue Zones, starting today, Nov. 16, and through Saturday, Nov. 18, in Nicoya. The secrets of longer living probably lie in the world's Blue Zones, characterized by...

An Intro to “Blue Zones”

(Q24N) Dan Buettner was born in Minnesota and spent time enjoying the outdoor adventures that Minnesota has to offer. As he grew up, he trekked all over the world. He received support from National Geographic and the National Institute of Aging to research places...

Costa Rica Green Coffee Inspired Chanel’s Blue Serum

Q COSTA RICA - Inspired by the notion of longevity led Chanel's research and technology team to study the Blue Zones of the world, those with the largest population of centenarians in good health, regions where people live longer. Chanel's Blue Serum harnesses powerful active...


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