Tuesday 20 April 2021
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The 9 Provinces of Costa Rica

Rico's TICO BULL - Costa Rica issues national id, the Cédula de identidad, commonly known as the "cedula", to its citizens based on the physical provinces they were born, San Jose, Alajuela, Heredia, Cartago, Limon, Puntarenas, and Guanacaste. The identity card number is designed to...

TSE Aims To Eliminate Cedulas

The "cedula" is something a Costa Rican never leaves home without. The credit card-sized plastic ID card is needed for just about anything: at the bank, at the phone company, supermarket shopping (if paying with plastic), hospitals, at any government office, and so on. Now,...

Supreme Electoral Council Negligent With the Renewal or Replacement of Cedulas

Nicaragua’s Supreme Electoral Council (CSE) or the National Assembly have issued a communiqué to formalize that cedulas (identity cards) with no expiry date will no longer be accepted by the financial system and other public or private institutions. Nor has it been confirmed to...

Ticos (Costa Ricans) Without Sex

"Oh, no, it's true, I'm without sex!," posted on Tweeted Leonardo (Garnier), commenting on the recent change to 'cedula' or identity card emitted by the Civil Registry, eliminating a person's sex. "I've seen people crying out loud because, when they get their new cedula... their...

151 Trans People Waiting On TSE To Change Their Name According To Self-perceived Sex

As of Thursday, May 31, the number of requests by trans people to change the name before the State and on their cedula (national identity card), according to their self-perceived gender, reached 151. This procedure, which has been claimed for years by the trans population,...

Will Citizenship Add Coolness to My Already Astonishing Life in Costa Rica?

Q COSTA RICA - The following article in the 'A Dull Roar' answers questions face by many foriegners living in Costa Rica, especially from North America and Europe, who after living in Costa Rica for some time decided to trade in their 'residency' for...

Costa Ricans Will Have A New Cedula Starting In September

(QCOSTARICA) The "cedula" is the major identification card for all Costa Rican nationals. Every Costa Rican, born in the country or naturalized, is issued a cedula. The new cedula, that will be distributed starting in September, includes new security features to prevent duplication, such as...

State Must Pay Farmer US$100,000 For Not Giving Him A Cedula

QCOSTARICA - How much is not having a cedula (Costa Rica identification card) worth? The Tribunal Contencioso-Administrativo says US$100.000, the amount the Court ordered the State to pay, farmer Gerónimo Abarca Jirón, for leaving him without a cedula for the last 34 years. The judges,...


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