Wednesday, 5 August 2020
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The truth of what is happening in Venezuela explained

A socioeconomic and political crisis that after Hugo Chavez officially took office in February 1999, continued into Nicolas Maduro. It is marked by hyperinflation, climbing hunger, disease, crime and death rates, an massive emigration from the country. Getty Images Several policy changes involving the country’s oil...

Cuba’s Economy May Not Survive the Fall of Maduro’s Venezuela

TODAY CUBA - Economists are warning that a fall of Nicolás Maduro’s regime in Venezuela could be devastating for Cuba. Professor of Economics at the University of Havana Omar Everleny Pérez said that the island’s economy isn’t prepared for Maduro’s fall because Venezuela is still...

Venezuela’s Maduro Demands Army Loyalty amid New Arrests to Prevent Opposition “Coup”

TODAY VENEZEULA - This weekend was Venezuela’s Army Day, marking the 196th Battle of Carabobo, an important victory that led to the country’s independence. The event celebrating it — which took place Saturday, June 24 in the capital of Caracas — was attended by the...