Sunday 18 April 2021
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The Last Jedi Resonates with the Lessons of Lord Acton

The following article contains a few elements of the plot of The Last Jedi, which some may consider spoilers.] Putting aside the creative and entertaining value of the new Star Wars movie, one major element remains strong with the saga: its warnings about the dangers of...

Why I took my team to Costa Rica for a month

The day we founded Roadmunk we didn't talk business plans or product strategy. Both me and Tomas, my co-founder, only had one topic on our minds: culture. It was a freezing winter day in 2012, so we holed up at Tomas' apartment, made tea, and...

Closings in Barrio Amon and Barrio Otoya (San Jose)

(QCOSTARICA) By Michael Miller - In the past few months, a surprising number of establishments in San José's Barrio Amon and Barrio Otoya have closed. Some have closed for good, and some just temporarily. This area has seen many ups and downs throughout its history....

Are You A “Fofisano”?

(TICOBULL) - "Fofisano" is the Spanish term for "Dad Bod", a new male tendency growing (no pun indented) in the social networks, burning up with images of men with a "nice balance between a beer gut and working out." The Business Insider says, Science proves...

Farmer’s Market of San José Displays the Abundance of Costa Rica

QCOSTARICA - By Michael Miller. Every Saturday, starting about 7 in the morning, thousands of residents of San José flock to one of the most colorful events in the city. It is the Feria del Agricultor, the Farmer's Market on Avenida 20. Here you will...

State Must Pay Farmer US$100,000 For Not Giving Him A Cedula

QCOSTARICA - How much is not having a cedula (Costa Rica identification card) worth? The Tribunal Contencioso-Administrativo says US$100.000, the amount the Court ordered the State to pay, farmer Gerónimo Abarca Jirón, for leaving him without a cedula for the last 34 years. The judges,...

Paseo Gastronomico la Luz; Downtown’s Restaurant Row

QCOSTARICA - In the last few years, the city of San José has been creating a “restaurant row” close to Downtown.  Costa Ricans know it as Paseo Gastronomico la Luz.  It is Calle 33, between Avenidas 1 and 11 in Barrio Escalante. Although it is...


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