Monday 30 March 2020

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How US policy in Honduras set the stage for today’s migration

Hondurans fleeing poverty and violence – who make up most of the participants of a “caravan” estimated at between 7,000 and 8,000 people – are slowly moving through Mexico in the hope of reaching the United States and receiving refuge. President Trump has responded by...

If The World Leaders Were Hipsters

Through the eyes of  Isreali  illustrator Amit Shimoni, we are able to see iconic leaders of our times as modern-day hipsters. “I often find myself thinking about the differences between these world’s greatest leaders, their beliefs and motivations, and our self-centered generation,” says Shimoni. “The...

Madonna Joins Katy Perry In Support Of Vote Naked For Hillary Clinton

(CONFIDENTIAL) “Politics makes strange bedfellows”, is the famous quote by Charles Dudley Warner, defined as to bring together people who otherwise have little in common. And what in common does HilLary Clinton have with Madonna and Katy Perry? Nothing, probably, except that the latter two...