Sunday, 25 October 2020
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Want to learn a foreign language? Alcohol Improves Your Skills, Says Study

(Q TRAVEL) Researchers from the University of Liverpool, Maastricht University, and King’s College London gathered 50 native German speakers, all of whom had recently learned to speak Dutch at Maastricht. The participants were then either given a low dose of alcohol or a control beverage...

How Long Does It Take to Learn Spanish?

As an expat living in Costa Rica or anywhere else in Latin America, learning to speak Spanish allows you to gain confidence by understanding your new, adopted world better. How long does it take to learn Spanish? A month? 3 months? A year? Two years?...

Which Countries Study Which Languages? Here Are The Languages The World Is Trying To Learn

How many foreign languages have you learned in your life and how have you learned them? The world has changed in the past decade, and now we have much more sophisticated ways to be come multilingual. Duolingo is one of those ways. The language-learning mobile...


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