Saturday 12 June 2021
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Uber’s Success: The Real Story

Since it went public last May, much of the investor debate surrounding Uber has understandably revolved around how quickly the company can pare its still-massive losses. Less attention has been given, however, to Uber's ride-hailing share losses in the U.S. and Latin America, where Lyft...

inDriver, the transport app that will allow customers to negotiate the price of the trip

With some 20 million users in 200 cities in 18 countries, inDriver is going up against Uber in Costa Rica, initially in the greater metropolitan area of San Jose. The ride-share app, created in Yakutsk, the coldest city in the coldest place in the world...

Is This The End For Uber in Costa Rica?

Following a day of protests in the streets, tortuguismo in many areas and five hours of 'intense' negotiations, the taxi drivers and the government came to an agreement on Wednesday. After a long day, both parties signed, on Wednesday night, an agreement to end the...

Deregulate Taxis, Don’t Regulate Uber

(By David Kemp, A recent New York Times article discussing taxi medallion owners in New York City illustrates how innovation and increased competition can lead to calls for new regulations.  Platforms such as Uber and Lyft have displaced taxi owners and devalued their medallions, permits that...

Cabify Readying To Give Uber Competition in Costa Rica

QCOSTARICA - Uber Costa Rica is about to get competition. And this one may be a serious one, not like the threats by a grouping of official taxis. No, the competition will be coming from Cabify, a Spanish company already operating in some 18 cities...


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