Wednesday 16 June 2021
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What is Alberto Fernández looking for with his rude and decadent dictatorship?

Q24N - Mauricio Macri spent the four years in office neglecting his electorate and trying to ingratiate himself with a public that would never accept him. Thus, the management of Together for Change overreacted a forced progressivism, which all it did was weaken it...

Elections in Argentina And Bolivia: Another Socialist Disaster

Once again, Latin America is brimming with socialism. There are elections in Bolivia and Argentina this month, and in both countries, it is almost certain that the left will win. It is also almost certain that in both countries, an economic crisis that will...

Argentine Peso Crashes

BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) —The Argentine peso currency crashed following news that populist left-wing Peronist opposition leader Alberto Fernández was leading in the primary election. Market fears over Argentina’s potential return to the interventionist economics of the previous leftist government prompted stocks and bonds to tumble,...

Argentina Economy: the ‘Macrisis’ effect

For Argentina, last Wednesday was a 'Black Wednesday'. Investors in Argentine government bonds began to dispose of their assets en masse, a sign of a total loss of confidence in the economy. President Mauricio Macri, who in the campaign emerged as a leader capable of...

Macri’s G-20 summit showcase in Argentina now mired in social unrest

BUENOS AIRES — For President Mauricio Macri, this weekend’s Group of 20 summit was supposed to showcase a confident, booming Argentina, re-energized by his pro-market policies that put the country’s longtime economic and political dysfunction in the rearview mirror. France’s President Emmanuel Macron, right, and...

Argentina’s Unions Begin National Strikes Against Macri’s Austerity

The Argentine Workers' Central Union, widely known as the CTA organized a 36-hour strike across the country starting Monday, the second strike Argentina has faced within a month. Previously, on Sept.12, public sector employees and employees from educational institutions walked out of their jobs to protest the...

Protests in Argentina Over Rejected Abortion Bill Led to 8 Detentions – Reports

Eight people were detained on Thursday during the protests in Buenos Aires that erupted after the Argentinian upper house declined a bill that would have legalized abortions during the first 14 weeks of pregnancy, the Nacion newspaper reported, citing sources in the security forces. The...

Thousands march in Buenos Aires to protest Argentina’s IMF credit bid

Thousands of Argentines on Friday protested the government’s bid to secure a credit line from the International Monetary Fund, which they blame for hardship during a past financial crisis. Opposition parties, unions, human rights organizations and artists took part in the march near the capital...

Argentina Closes Deals with US on Tourism, Lemon Imports and Declassified Documents

(Q24N) The impact of the meeting between Argentina President Mauricio Macri and United States President Donald Trump this week is already taking shape, as new policies and information have come to fruition regarding the past and future relationship of the two nations. Lemon imports The province of...

Argentina President Linked to More Companies in Panama

Q24N (Prensa Latina) Argentine President Mauricio Macri, his father, Franco, and other relatives are not only directors of a dozen ghost companies, but they are also linked to at least eight corporations, according to new revelations. The connection includes friends, right-hand men and employees, and...


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